Order weed online Ireland. Northern Light x Bigbud cannabis strain is a pure Indica strain with a high THC average of 18% and a CBD average of 5%. The flavours are cheesy, fruity and herbal with spicy and woody notes. It is known to treat insomnia, anxiety and pain. This strain is ideal for evening usage.

Type of High

Northern Light x Bigbud cannabis strain’s high is greatly sedative and narcotically calming, along with its CBD-rich medicinal value.


Northern Light x Bigbud cannabis strain is a cross between Northern Light and Big Bud cannabis strains.

Originating from Holland, Northern Lights X Skunk is perhaps one of the most famous and potent strains. This Grade A+ Indica is a medium green that surely has as many colored hairs as the northern lights themselves. With mostly bright golden hairs, this moderately fluffy strain is very sticky with white crystals coating it’s earthy surface. This adherent strain smells of sweet pine and sour lemon which is then accompanied by a tangy, earthy and smooth taste. Widely used for stress, anxiety, depression, nausea or acute pain, Northern lights give a great sense of euphoria with a relaxed and mellow sensation. The physical experience is more of a comfortable relaxation instead of one that will make you want to “get up and go”.Order weed online Ireland. 

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2 reviews for Northern Lights x Big Bud

  1. Steve lee

    It’s been a LONG time. Probably the most powerful Indica if not strain alone readily available known on planet earth. ONE thing I ALWAYS looked for in the 80’s and 90’s was the stuff that required the least maintenance. We called it 1 hit s**~t. As far as anxiety goes FLUSH the Xanax! The other two are Gods Gift and LA Con. ALL these strains are great but this one tops them all. One word. Powerful! This strain is apparently 33%?? Still wondering where they got those #’s but it straight wipes you out. I guess I’ll give em the benefit of the doubt. Tip~ go easy!

  2. Brandon

    I had the opertunity to try Northern Lights in qld Very strong Indica. Little bit goes a long way. Had a nice sureal space head high while my body melted into the couch. Would definetly recommend this strain for stress relief with a twist.

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