buy weed online russia. Alice in Wonderland is a mostly sativa strain with euphoric cerebral effects. It provides an elevated sensory experience, making it a favorite strain for creative pastimes, outdoor activities, a laid-back weekend, or daytime stress relief. Said to be a descendant of Willy’s Wonder, Alice in Wonderland has many therapeutic qualities, especially for those suffering from anxiety or depression.

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7 reviews for Alice in Wonderland

  1. ralphjoy

    good strain taste great

  2. dan

    You guys are top rated…thanks for my delivery.Dark fruit smell, heavy on the plums and grapes rather than berry.

  3. smith

    One word kept coming up during our reviews of this strain, and that was “fun” — this one just really improved our moods almost immediately, making us feel social, extroverted, and creative. It definitely felt Sativa in profile to start, increasing energy and bordering on racy at times (never anxious though), with a heavily buzzing body and pressurized face/eyes. The happy mood and relaxed body which made up the majority of the experience post-30 minutes wasn’t conducive to working simply because we wanted to enjoy life more than concentrate on anything. This strain was great for some mind-wandering and following your fancy, so to speak. After the main potency passed around 1.5 hours into the experience, we felt more able to actually relax and concentrate if needed, and the body relaxation feelings increased.

  4. myson

    Strong, sweet, and fruity — the odor can get out of control when the plants are growing, so carbon filters are highly recommended.

  5. jose

    A cerebral, enlightening feeling hits almost instantly while body heat, perspiration, and heart rate all noticeably increase. As the the medication sets in the mind and body begin to move in slow motion. The sativa and indica effects in this strain seemed at constant battle, trading dominance back and forth. Half way through a slight couch or chair session are in order as the indica emerges. Towards the end one regains mental sharpness and finds motivation. A nice surplus of energy emerges as you hit the road to sobriety.

  6. Tyra

    It makes for a wonderful night time strain, as it thoroughly relaxes the body and mind without sending you to sleep right away — the latter half is when the eyes begin to get heavy.

  7. ken

    Sweet eucalyptus scent that was tantalizing. A truly wonderful smell regardless of its source.

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